Ubereats Driver: The 8 MUST have ubereats items!

Dec 07, 2021

Although ubereats is fairly easy on its own, would it surprise you to findout there are more things you can do to make it even easier? Below you will the 8 key uber eats items that will make your delivery experience with ubereats run more smoothly. All of the can be obtained by clicking on the photo of the item. (Article not your style? Watch the video below)


1. An Insulated Bag

An insulated bag is a must when it comes to delivering. Having an insulated bag will keep your customers food the same or similar temperature as it was when you picked it up at the restaurant. This means that it will keep their food hot or keep their food cold (If its a cold dish) It is also useful for when you get multiple orders at a restaurant. When you receive big orders, it can be a challenge getting everything out the door. It will most likely demand the use of both your hands, which makes it a hassle to exit and open your car door to put the food in.  If you’re like me, you would rather not struggle out or have to make a 2nd trip. Having an insulated bag allows you to all the food in the bag and lace it around your shoulder, making everything easy.



2. A Sharpie



When you get more then one order from a restaurant, most of the time they will have the names on the orders for you. Some however do not. Regardless, having a sharpie lets you have the peace of mind of knowing you can mark them yourself if necessary. Trying to remember who ordered what not only makes your job harder, you risk giving the wrong order to the wrong person. When you get your orders from the restaurant, before confirming your pickup, check to see if the orders are marked. If not, ask the staff which order is which and match up the order numbers with the right name. Then write the name of the person on the food box or bag. It makes dropping off a breeze. Work smarter, not harder.



3. Phone Mount

A phone mount will make your navigation to restaurants and customers easy and efficient. Its also a lot safer since your eyes will never leave the road. I use the mount that attaches to your air vent but there are plenty of choices when it comes to phone mounts.


4. A Car Charger



We need to remember that Ubereats is still an app and like all apps, they slowly drain your battery. The last thing you want is to be out ubering and your phone dies on a trip. Even if it doesn’t die on a trip, your obviously done ubering for the night or at least and hour. You’ll want a car charger and a USB cord to charge your phone while in the car. The one I personally use is available above. There are many other options to choose from if you want to look around though.



5. Portable Battery



If you have a stronger car charger, this one isn’t mandatory but it can be good to have since you can take it with you inside the restaurant and still be charging your phone. Good to have when you decide you want to do some ubering but your phone is almost dead.


6. Poncho

We all have a taste for certain food. You have a mental conversation about if you would like to go get it. Finally, your hunger compels you to put your shoes on and go get it only to open the door and find out its pouring outside! It used to be that one of two things happened. The thought comes “I don’t wanna get out in that!”. So you grudging abandon your taste buds that day and head to the kitchen to cook something or you get out there, get drenched and deal with the traffic on the way. Usually the 1st one happens the most. Now days, you go right to your couch and checkout the ubereats menu! What does that mean? More delivery and money on the table for you and me. I think the feeling is mutual that we don’t have any desire to get wet though. Having a poncho on stand by will let you take advantage of the opportunity for more money without getting wet or messing up your hair.

7. Uber Clothing

As delivery partners, we don’t wait in line. It can be a little annoying to let a staff member of the restaurant know you’re here to pick up food though. Having one of these bad boys on will let the restaurant immediate identify you visually. This sometimes reduces the the amount of time you’re in the restaurant and often it leads to them bringing the order to you before you even get to the counter! Be sure to still double check the order number and names. Usually having one of these is enough for you to be easily identified as an ubereats partner to the restaurants. For the shirts, prefer the polo like one but the more casual option is also an options too.

8. The Upside App

This isn’t technically an item but it is arguable the most useful tool on this list. One of our biggest expenses as drivers is gas. The get upside app gets you cash back per gallon at select gas stations up to 50 cents. That cash back starts to add up at the end of the month and you can use that money for whatever you want!


Honorable mention: A Dashcam



A dashcam isn’t as much needed with a delivery driver as it is with a rideshare driver. It can still be good to have for insurance reasons since it can record outside of your car.


The item that is a MUST on this list is the Insulated bag. which is free if you pick it up at your local Uber office. As of right now, Uber does not offer insulated bags anymore. To get one, you can order one off of amazon by clicking the bag picture. You can get one for as cheap as 6$. AN INSULATED BAG WILL EFFECT YOUR BOTTOM LINE! You will find that everything else is complementary. Having all of these will get you the most bang for your buck and allow you to take even more orders because these items will speed up how long it takes to pick up food and take it to the customer. The total cost of all these together is around 90$ to 100$ (Which there’s a good chance you can make that back on your 1st day if you work between 5.00pm and 10.00pm) If its not possible to get them all at once, you can use the strategy i used. Prioritize them and get one item off this list once a week. How you should prioritize them is like this.



  1. Get Upside App
  2. Insulated Bag
  3. Sharpie
  4. Car Charger
  5. Phone Mount
  6. Portable Battery
  7. Ubereats Shirt
  8. Poncho

If you have any other questions about ubereats, feel free to contact me. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, you can sign up here.