This resources section is filled with information, tools and contacts that will assist you in your financial journey of building your ideal lifestyle and reaching you financial goals

Looking To Buy Your 1st House?

If so, then you likely have questions about the home buying process. Watch my interview with Realtor Tamiko Syrie and find out step by step the details of what it takes to buy your 1st home.

How To Use Tax Deductions

If you make any kind of money outside of a traditional job then you likely have some deductions that you can use to lower your taxes. Checkout my Tax Interview with Enrolled Agent Camari Ellis. Even though the topic is for gig workers, watching this can spark ideas about how what could be tax deductible for your work. 

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How To Start Investing

In order to start investing, you'll need a way to invest your money. Checkout the top 5 FREE ways that you can start investing. For details on these 5 ways, click the invest button below


Business Resources

The resources section is a list of the tools and resources I both use on a daily basis and recommend. I put this all together in one convenient place for you, I hope it helps!


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This comes at no extra cost to you.

My You Tube Setup

Having the right equipment and information is vital to success in life. I’ve put together a list of resources that will help you achieve those very things.

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My Favorite Personal Finance Books

These books will ensure that any future financial information you learn can have a place in your life. Even if these are the only books you decide to read, you will be equipped to be successful financially.

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I use Kajabi as the platform to sell my digital products like E-books and Audiobook. I also use them my courses, coaching and membership programs They offer a good DRM option to protect your digital products from pirating. It easily intergrades with many of the other services on this resources page. 

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Conversion Pages

Leadpages allows me to Build fast and convenient landing pages that help with selling products, and with growing my email list. You can use Leadpages to help make nice landing pages in just a few minutes and deliver downloads to your audience which helps in growing an email list and reaching an audience. Leadpages is what the financial anatomy books are sold on and it’s one of the most powerful tools in my inventory.

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Email Marketing

If you don’t own the traffic to your audience, your foundation might as well be on air. Email marketing is the rock foundation any business needs to thrive in today’s age of technology. ConvertKit is the email provider I prefer due to it’s automation features and integration with most major software and platforms in the online business world. It’s hard to imagine where my business would be without convertkit!

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Youtube SEO

When it comes to becoming noticed in an oversaturated youtube environment, there is nothing else I would rather have then tubebuddy. Tubebuddy is a computer extension and It offers the tools to make time-consuming tasks on youtube fast and it offers advanced SEO tools you can use to make content that will perform the best. 

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Background Music

You may notice that my youtube videos have music in the background. That music comes from Epidemic Sounds. Royalty-Free Music is vital to avoid copyright claims or strikes on YouTube. Epidemic Sound is what i use when it comes to music that is quality without me having to worry if it is copyrighted.

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I've used varies streaming software over the years and stream yard is the best. I used it to livestream on you tube, facebook pages, my facebook groups and linked in all at once!

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