The origin of Financial Anatomy

My name is Elijah Bilel and I'm the creator of The App Lifestyle and The Anatomy Of Financial Success series. After entering the world of business in 2012 at the age of 20, I had to quickly learn the tricks of the trade when it came to finances.

Since then, I have gotten involved in various endeavors involving money such as working for Whole Foods Market, being a PA (Process Assistant) at Amazon, networking marketing and making money online.

Throughout all of these undertakings, I saw the universal themes that ensured financial success in all of these and developed a system to manage those themes. I'm truly appalled at how being financially successful is not taught at the high school level so that students are effectively prepared for the real world.

Due to this, it is my mission to share the financial systems that have made him successful with those (especially young adults) that feel they can’t achieve their financial goals due to fear, lack of motivation or not knowing how.

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I share a lot about myself and the mission statement of Financial Anatomy in my "About The Author" section in my book. 

The Mission Of Financial Anatomy

"Take control of your financial destiny" That's the slogan said at the end of all of my articles and videos. In order to do that, you have to have the tools, information and confidence to do that. Sadly, society does a poor job at giving us any of those.

I still remember struggling to pay common bills like a car note and a phone bill. Bills would be pilling and payday loans that I had been taken out when life got hard needed to be paid back.

Would it surprise you that my “Struggle” with the paying of these expenses was not having enough money!? It was making the money in a way that I both enjoyed and was VERY good at. All threw out my early 20s, I would float around from one way to make money to another. Want more of a visual of this? Check out this video below

I was decent to good at most of them but it wasn’t filling the void I had inside me which would make me demotivated to continue with them. In addition to this, I had the social and internal pressure of wanting to be successful. To have my own place, be able to travel, eat at the best restaurants, etc. On top of this, the bills and debt aren’t going anywhere! 

I always had so-called “experts” telling me that “this is how you make money". Selling me on the big dreams that my heart was yearning for. Their ways had worked fine for them but they weren’t filling that void that I had inside of me of knowing that I wasn’t living up to my financial potential in the way that was best for me. These experts would steer me away from ways that I was interested in making money in and toward ways that were good for them (At their own self-interest of course).


Eventually, I realized that there is only one person who ultimately knows what is best for me financially and that’s me. People may know your financial goals but they most likely don’t know your financial personality. If they don’t, there is no way they know what you really want. Heck, you won’t know what you really want if you don’t know your personality.

That was until something life-changing happened. I read Sales Dogs: You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales by Blair Singer. In that book, Blair created 5 personality types based on attributes in the sales field and assigned certain sales tactics to each of the personality types based on what came naturally to them. The only problem with this was the personalities were just limited to the concept of sales.


That was when I decided to apply the concept of different personality traits which I knew a lot about in the sales and health & wellness fields and married them with self development in persona finance. Here was the birth of the 6 personas that make up the financial world.


When it comes to making money, we all have a level of boldness, sociality, technology talent, attention to detail, creativity and self care. How much we have of each depends on which of the 6 personality types we are. The key to being financially successful when it comes to making money is to make money in ways that engage your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. Now that I knew my personality type, I could move forward with any opportunity with confidence because I knew what my talents were.

There is just one small problem though. Talent is just the starting point though. You have to marry that talent with skill and so the journey to develop those skills took place.


This lead to me putting in hard work in order to use my talents to make money and it was a very for filling journey (Filling for my pockets hahah). For the 1st time, I was able to secure my finances and fill a sense of purpose and accomplishment at the same time. This all came from finding out what my financial personality was and then choosing a way to make money based on that personality.


Unfortunately many young adults do not reach their full financial potential via tapping into their personality and those that do often find it later in life then they should. This is exactly what we help you with at Financial Anatomy. Helping you to identify which one of the 6 financial personalities that you are so that you can make and budget money in ways that align with your personality

After achieving this, you can learn about and achieve all the milestones that all successful young adults experience in their life while planning for your financial future. This includes:

  1. Investing for wealth
  2. Planning for retirement
  3. Buying your 1st home 

Once one has mastered their personality and are actively working towards the goals about, they are taking control of their financial destiny!


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