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Financial Personality Success Bundle!

Take control of your financial destiny by getting the Financial Personality Success Bundle! Included are:

Included are:

  1. The Financial Personality Report
  2. The paperback of the best selling book The Anatomy Of Financial Success. You must live in America to get this. If you are outside of America then the E-book version will be emailed to you in its place. Paperback versions can always be purchased for those outside of the U.S here

    3. The Audiobook version of The Anatomy Of Financial Success

    4. The Financial Anatomy Monthly Budgeting Template compatible with google spreadsheet and excel.


There are 6 personality types that make up the financial world. Each one has their strengths and things they need to work on to ensure success. In addition to this, each personality type has a type of income, way of budgeting and spending money that works best for their emotional strengths.

The purpose of this report is to discover which one of the 6 that you are and to give insight into your strengths when it comes to the main areas of finance. 

Each personality has a way that is best of doing the following when it comes to finances: 

  • Making money according to their strengths
  • Budgeting money that aligns with their natural habits
  • Knowing where your spending strengths are and where you need improvement 
  • The best way to get out of debt according to your personality 
  • The best way to invest and plan for retirement according to your personality type

Click "Buy Now" and highlight the "Personal" in personal finance and get the blueprint that you can use to build your version of financial success!


P.S In order to get your report, you will need to complete the questionnaire found in your dashboard after purchase


For Personality Report: This is a very easy test with a very deep personality analysis. The questions are well thought out and the entire test takes no more than 15 minutes. The report itself is so extensive and complete that I was pleasantly surprised. I can tell real experts were working on this test. I recognized myself in almost everything and I would not have recognized much of it without this report. My eyes opened to what I have always done but did not understand why I was doing it. Very interesting. In general, it is the best, the easiest and the fastest professional personality report that I've ever received when it comes to finances. I liked it 100%

Angelica Rose, Founder of Worldicana

For Personality Report: The report brought attention to the things I neglect financially. I’ve since addressed those things when it comes to my budgeting and the ways I make money. That information has helped me expand my business Whirlwind Services. I started off making $2000 a month and after implementing the advice on making money in the report, I now make $8,000 a month consistently!

Jerad Fantroy, Owner Of Whirlwind Services

For Personality Report: I really like the preciseness of the report when it comes to my financial life. The details of my financial bad habits were accurate and I loved the helpful tips it gave on how to improve myself financially.

Fatima Dauntess, Founder Of Spade University

For The Anatomy Of Financial Success: This book is a good guide and starting point to build on. The book focuses on understanding the motivations and strengths of each individual in order to better prepare them instead of giving people a basic "get rich" plan that doesn't work for everyone.

David Hurtado, Data Analyst at Amazon

For The Anatomy Of Financial Success: I’m so glad I purchased a copy of this book. The information provided has been very helpful. I especially liked the easy to use formulas provided as they helped me work through my own situations and I could directly apply them to my finances.

Tanisha Domeaux, School Counselor

For The Anatomy Of Financial Success: The insight I’ve gained by reading this helpful book has inspired me to seek alternative forms of income. With the understanding I’ve gained into my financial personality, I’ve discovered talents that I’m now capitalizing upon to supplement my primary income, and I’m loving the experience.

Robin Vahimian, Patient care technician/Health unit coordinator

For The Anatomy Of Financial Success: When I received The Anatomy Of Financial Success, I realized I needed to change. Not just myself but how I control my finances and that I have the POWER to control where I want to be in the future. I am excited and inspired to go beyond.

Theander Hartnett, CMT for Team Consultants

For The Anatomy Of Financial Success: The Anatomy of Financial Success is definitely a modern day blueprint for strategically building sustainable wealth. I found great benefit from the teachings of how to rise above the commonality of just working for money to money working for you instead.

Travis Morgan, Founder of Soulshine Culture

For The Anatomy Of Financial Success: I feel very motivated after reading this book! This is a clever and cerebral view and explanation into money matters and financial success. The book outlines different types of income, different ways to make passive income, properly invest and motivations for doing so. I have a better understanding of ways I can bring in a much bigger cash flow and to keep it coming for my future. The author’s way of making money is explained so simply that even I could do it. It’s not complicated at all. And it’s very inspiring!

Katie Heflin, Contributor at The Rideshare Guy