Affiliate Marketing 2021: How I Spent $260 And Made Over $14,000!

Jun 29, 2021

You've mostly heard this term thrown all over the internet Affiliate Marketing! How do you get the ball rolling and make good money with Affiliate marketing in this noisy world of ours where everyone is trying to do it? In this article, I'm going to actually go into, how I spent $260 and made over $14,000 with affiliate slash referral marketing? And I'm going to give you three steps on how you can do the same. If you're not in a reading mood, you can always watch the video below!


So let's get into it. Affiliate marketing. This is a term that has been thrown around the internet for a while, saying you can get this, you can get that. It can be passive income. You can make so much money with affiliate marketing and you don't have to worry about shipping the product out, someone else is going to take care of that.

That's very much true. But how do you actually make affiliate marketing work and how much money can you make with that? In this video, I'm going to share with you a tactic that I used to spend $260, and I got a return of over $14,000 using affiliate marketing just from this one tactic. So stay tuned if you want to know more about how I did it. And I'll also sum it up in three steps that you can take to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

So one thing I said in my book, The Anatomy of Financial Success, I mentioned that affiliate marketing is a sleeping goldmine. There are not a lot of people are really tapped into. And this video is actually going to go into details of how I've leveraged it over the years. With that being said, it's time to share with you how I was able to make over $14,000 with affiliate marketing and only spending $260.


The Proof


Of course, before I get into how I did it, you all want to know did I actually did it. So let me show you the proof. In this video, at watch time 2:58 I show my Amazon dashboard and I added all of the payments up. So that number is $437.18.

Now moving on to my second channel, the app lifestyle, you got to take a look at the analytics to see how much this channel has made.

The screenshot above is a more recent shot of the channel earnings which is why the number is higher. At the time of the study, the channel had made $1,482.39 so we will use that number. While this is technically not affiliate marketing , i count it because it still largely stemmed from the 3 steps that we'll get into later.

Next we're going to show how much I made from Uber Eats referrals and a little bit of Uber of course too. Just going to go to earnings, and we're going to go to referrals, scroll down, and we're going to go to the amount that is already been earned. So that's $12,845.

So now that you've seen the proof let's get into the steps and tactic that I used to make this a reality. Now, right off the bat, you do have to already have these two things set up before I even go into these three steps otherwise it's not going to mean anything. You have to pick a niche that you want to do affiliate marketing in.

So stereotypically, the three niches are health and wellness, something financial or relationships. You got to pick which one you want to focus on. And once you pick which one of those categories that you want to focus on, you got to niche down even further. So get a little sub category and really start providing value in that sub category. So for me, in this particular case, it was Uber and Uber Eats. More so Uber Eats and showing people how to make a lot of money with it.

So that's in the financial area, but I really niched down to a specific part in a financial area in terms of making money. Once that's been done, you need to pick a list of affiliates that you're actually going to sign up for so that you can get your commissions from. Those two things have to be done otherwise these three steps won't matter. But assuming that you've done those prior steps, we can get into the three steps which I used.


Step 1: Offer something of GREAT value


The first step is to offer something of great value to people for free. When I say great value, I'm not just talking about some throwaway thing that you're using just to get an email address or something. It has to really be great value and value is defined by how well you can get a person the result that they're looking for.

And if you can do it, you've accomplished your mission of providing great value. And if you can do it with the four letters attached, called F-R-E-E, you're going to position yourself to be in the right place to severely benefit from affiliate marketing. So what I did was, I created a YouTube channel called the app lifestyle. It also had a website called the app lifestyle, but the YouTube channel was the launching point.

With the YouTube channel I made a free Uber Eats course to show people how to take their Uber Eats earnings from whatever they were making, to being able to make between $11 and $18 an hour consistently. Not only did I do this, but I also showed how to make this money and actually reduce the amount of hours that you put in. So if you decide to put more hours in, then that means you're going to make more money.

Depending on your niche, it might be a person getting a certain weight. It might be a person getting a certain status in life. Whatever it is, if you're providing value and can give them the end result they want then you're going to be in the right spot.


Step 2: Make your offer easy to digest!


The second step that I did was I ordered all the information so that it was very easy and digestible for my audience. So it wasn't like they have to find everything from different places in my brand. I also didn't put any roadblocks towards them getting the result.

It actually is organized in a way so that they can just literally watch it if they have an hour of the time to spend on this course. They can then go out the next day or even later that day and start seeing immediate results.

We see it is organized in a very easy manner for the person to go onto the next part of the course and get results.

So we see seven must have Uber Eats items, Uber Eats tutorial. The 1st Part, how to handle a delivery. Part two, covering acceptance rate, cancellation rates or no wait times. Part three: what about hotspots? How do you use Uber Eats customer app to make you more money as a driver?

See all this is very organized and YouTube is actually recommending the next part in the course after a person watches that part because it's part of a series playlist.

Since this is a course, that works out greatly. But even if that's not the case, I've made sure that I've linked the next video in the card in the top right-hand corner and the video itself. So every opportunity someone has to watch the next part in the course, they can click on it. If at any point they want to go back and rewatch a certain part, they can just go back to the Uber Eats course playlist. That makes this easy and digestible.


Step 3: Get traffic to your value preposition!


The third way and here's where my hidden tech that comes into play is, you get traffic to whatever you're using to provide value. Now, in terms of YouTube, I haven't seen anyone talk about this. So I'm very excited to share this little tactic with you.

Everyone knows that YouTube algorithm plays a big role in getting traffic to your videos. And if you get traffic to your videos in affiliate marketing, that means there's more traffic for people to click on your links. I didn't mention this before, but you want to make sure you have your affiliate links in your description or whatever you're using to get value.

More traffic means more clicks, which means more money down the line for you. This is the tactic I used to get traffic to my YouTube channel, specifically the Uber Eats course. I found a very popular podcast where people are very open to making money in different ways and I advertised on that podcast. Now I did it in a very specific way. So you want to listen carefully.

I purchased a cheap domain from GoDaddy (It was less then $20). It was something very simple and that's key. You want to have something simple that someone can literally type in as they're hearing it and they can go to wherever it is you want them to go.

This is because we're going to use this domain and we're going to forward it, to whatever your value proposition is. In my particular case, it was the Uber Eats course, and the advertisement was basically "if you want to make more money, you should consider signing up for Uber Eats, go to There, you can get a free Uber Eats course that shows you how to make between $11 and $18 an hour with Uber Eats on your own schedule as long as you have a car".

See, I was very specific and I used the word free. So I spoke to the result that people want, which is to make more money. And I also injected the word free, which is true because the course is free and it's on YouTube. Guess what happened? People went there and checked it out.

They started the Uber Eats course and they said, "Wait, hold on. This is more simple than I thought, let me go sign up." And since people got such great value from the course, they wanted to sign up using my link and my code. So my referral or affiliate code is in all my descriptions of all my videos. It's also pasted on the screen when I'm doing a video at some point during a video in the course. So this led them to go and sign up on the app lifestyle, or they would sign up for Uber directly and put the code in but it didn't stop there.

I also have a video where I talk about seven items that's good for Uber Eats drivers to have like an insulated bag. Accompanying that video is an article on the same thing. People would watch that video and then click on the article. This lead to many people getting some of those items in that article and the pictures in that article contain Amazon affiliate links. So when they buy, let's say the insulated bag, I would also get a commission on that purchase.

The funny thing about Amazon is they have a 24 hour cookie. If they buy anything in a 24 hour span, including what they're already buying, which is the insulated bag, then I get a commission off of that. In other words, they can buy a flat screen TV in addition to the insulated bag. The flat screen TV costs 500 bucks, but guess what? I get a commission based off that 500 bucks TV and an insulated bag!


The Grand Total


To summarize these three steps, I skipped out on the process of making a bunch of videos on YouTube, gradually building an audience until some people eventually start sharing it. Then the algorithm may give my videos some love. I bypassed that because that was too slow.

I decided to get traffic coming from outside of YouTube and that sent traffic to the Uber Eats course, which in turn, exploded the channel with the YouTube algorithm. This happen die to me getting a lot of traffic to come to me as opposed to fighting for it on the YouTube platform. Of course more views of my videos means more clicks on my affiliate links, which means more money for me.

So let's round the grand total up of how much I made with affiliate marketing using this tactic.

Amazon Affiliates: $437.18

The App Lifestyle: $ 1,482.39

Uber Referrals: $12,854

Grand total: $ 14,764.57

For those of you all that are really detailed, you know that's not exactly $14,000. It's actually more but $14,000 was a flat number I just had to put there. But this is the tactic I use to make this amount of money with affiliate marketing and I only spent $260.

So the popular podcasts that I decided to go with was a podcast called Tariq Radio and it cost $240 to advertise for four weeks on there. So my ad would run for four weeks after I purchased that ad. I spent a total of $260. $240 is for the podcast advertisement. And $20 was for the domain. And I arranged for the domains to redirect to the YouTube channel.


What was my ROI?


We're not done yet though!Now, what we're going to do next is we're going to find out what was my ROI (Return on investment) was. My investment in this case was the $260. My amount returned was $14,764.57.

ROI is calculated by subtracting the initial value of the investment (260) from the final value of the investment (14,764) , then dividing this new number by the cost of the investment (260), and, finally, multiplying it by 100. A visual of this is below.

$14,764 - $260 = $14,504

14,504/260 = 55.78

55.78 x 100 = 5,578%

So the ROI here is = 5,578%

That's the tactic I used to make over $14,000 using affiliate marketing. The biggest takeaway that you can get from this is to start using that podcast strategy. Find a podcast that is a great fit for you and advertise on it and make sure that the podcast has a lot of followers.

But even if it doesn't, if the followers have a tight connection with the host and they're open to making money, like the podcast is connected to money in some way, that's a huge bonus. It worth mention that if you feel you can get on the podcast as a guest, that works just as good. Just make the domain you give them simple to type in, and they're going to take you up on your offer and go to your free value proposition and then just sit back and watch the money come in.

That does it for this Article. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. And if you found value in this article, checkout my book "The Anatomy Of Financial Success" I will catch you in the next one, don't forget to go out there and take control of your financial destiny!